Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Soars

In a matter of 1 Hour, World’s 3rd Largest Economy, was devastated with an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 followed by a Tsunami.The country is still grappling with the fact that normalcy is certainly not anywhere in sight and that March 11th was just a beginning of woes.

The Death Toll which is counting at the time of writing is 4164 and is heading to count of many more thousands in the days to come.
With Explosions in Nuclear reactors, Epidemics… etc on cards, Death will continue its conquest on the land of the rising sun.

But my Friend, Death is nothing new. Death is inevitable. We must all die. One or the other time, we would all be victims this merciless enemy.

UN-Israel Contradict on the Flotilla issue

We have consistently maintained how Israel is slowly but surely starting to become a thaw in the world political system. Massive wave of Palestinian sympathizers around the world (Including US and EU) have started to question the legitimacy of Israel right to nationhood, a right given by God but recognised by the UN in 1947 as Israel came into being as a land for the dispersed Jews.

Israel-Syria seek peace

Syria and Israel has a great opportunity to seek peace and come to a peaceful existence.

Such an opportunity presents itself under shifting political strategies as Syria and Saudi come together to blunt Iran hegemony. Most believe such a “divide and rule” strategy in the Arab World is being brought about by the Americans. This could ideally set up for Israel as they contain Iran with Syria and Rest of the Arab world refusing to help Tehran if Israel decides to use the military option against a nuclear Tehran.