In Luke 4- the temptation of Jesus Christ, we find that when He was hungry the devil approached Lord Jesus Christ, yes asking a very simple thing to convert the stone to become bread. As Jesus was hungry, that was a very valid question, valid thing to ask the Jesus Christ to do. But we find that He negated the devil at that particular moment.

I think this shows us a pattern of how the devil attacks each one of us. We find that when we are hungry for power, when we are hungry for pleasure, when we’re hungry for people to accept us, when we are hungry and desperate for a job, when we’re hungry and desperate for recognition, that is the time the devil makes sure that he attacks us. That is the opportune time for him. So my dear brothers and sisters let us be watchful for the schemes of the devil.

-Dr.  John

Beware of Desperate Times : Luke 4:2
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