In Luke chapter 9:25 we read, for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and is himself destroyed & lost. This verse reminds us that there are other things more precious and of more importance than of what this world has to offer. Many times we forget the fact that the riches, the popularity, the social status etc stops the day we die. After that, none of that becomes important. The pursuit of excellence is always appreciated but if it is coming at the price of your relationship with Christ, it becomes a hindrance to what matters most.

We are working that extra hour, spending time with our friends, spending sleepless nights on earthly pursuits of brilliance just for the sake of a better life. These are needed for our earthly life but what about our eternal life? Is running after the world, having the world under our feet feeling depriving us of what matters most? Do we realize that death and this life is not the end? What matters is how we nurture our souls, how our relationship with the Triune God is. As we live in this world, let us always remind ourselves that we are citizens of heaven, passing through this world. Let us invest in our relationship with Christ and lead a heavenly minded earthly lives.


Profit focused life – Luke 9:25
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