Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Phil Coulson at Christian Believers’ Assembly, Cantonment Aurangabad on 10 June,2011

Passage of Reference: Exodus 40:35, Numbers1:1, Psalm 113:7,8

Br Phil Coulson in this 1st sermon of the ‘Levitical offerings’ sermon series, gives an introduction to the Book of Leviticus. The Book of Leviticus finds itself rightly positioned between Exodus and Numbers. Book of Exodus ends with Moses standing outside the tabernacle, not able to enter in because of the Glory of the Lord. And the book of Numbers starts with Moses standing in the tabernacle, talking with God. Moses could find his way-in only because of the Levitical Offerings that were instituted.

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Br Phil Coulson- INTRODUCTION TO LEVITICUS [English-Marathi Sermon]
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