Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Phil Coulson at Christian Believers’ Assembly, Cantonment Aurangabad on 11 June,2011

Passage of Reference : Leviticus 2:1-16

In this 3rd sermon, the continuation of the exposition on Levitical Sacrifices, Bro. Phil Coulson picks up from where he left on the Burnt Offering. The Spirit of God draws our attention to the order maintained in the offering and also to the specific animal parts that find mention in Leviticus 1. Do not miss the connection to John 19 and the description of the death of the Lord Jesus, so beautifully expressed in the Burnt Offering.

Bro. Phil also covers the Meal Offering in this sermon. Learn of the humanity of the Lord Jesus, completely summarized by the four ingredients of the Meal Offering. Notice the perfect earthly life of our dear Saviour chronologically unfolding in the four different preparations of the Meal Offering. Let this lesson, dear saint, fill your heart with thoughts of worship that will overflow and be appreciated by the extended family of Christ in this world.

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Br. Phil Coulson: MEAL OFFERING [Sermon]
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