Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Phil Coulson at Christian Believers’ Assembly, Cantonment Aurangabad on 11 June,2011.

Passage of Reference :Leviticus 4,5

Br. Phil Coulson in continuation to exposition on Levitical Offering, looks at the the offerings for sin in Leviticus 4 and 5.

The Sin offering emphasizes on the ‘person’ who sinned, whereas the Trespass offering emphasizes on the ‘deeds’ of the person. Hence, when God wrought the salvation of man, He first sought to deal with man’s sins and also transform a ‘Sinful Man’ to the ‘Child of God’.

These Offerings for sin teaches every child of God, how God through the death of Christ, can righteously deal with the penalty of sins. Moreover the death of Christ also provided man with freedom from the slavery of sin- as a master.

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