Shall we Continue in SIN?

Posted here is the sermon delivered at Borivali Assembly on 20th December 2017.

Passage of Reference:Romans 6:1-13

Paul in his discourse of the working of the gospel addresses a very critical question in this passage. He challenges the notion that it is ok for a believer to continue living in sin. His pertinent question is – Shall we continue in Sin?

When a believer lives in continual sin, then it becomes an aberration of the highest order. It goes against the very work that Christ accomplished through His death on the cross. In this passage, Paul exhorts and convincingly shows that a child of God is dead to sin, and therefore can live no longer in it. He shows why and how a believer can live unto God rather than continuing in sin.

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Shall we Continue in SIN? – Romans 6:1-13 [Sermon]
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