Did you notice:

– “I will dwell among them”

– “I will walk with them”

– “ I will be their God”

– “They shall be my people”

– “I will receive you”

– “I will be a Father unto you”

– “Ye shall be My sons and daughters”

What a galaxy of promises, seven of them repeated in quick succession, and all to encourage the believer who is prepared to walk in obedience to the word of God. What a constellation to brighten the firmament in the dark night of his absence. These promises surely sufficiently compensate for anything that the believer is called upon to renounce by walking in the narrow path. The companionship of our God, His constant smile, His fatherly care and protection are only assured His people as they obey the word “be ye separate”

BIBLICAL SEPARATION: In Precept – Bro Sunil Albert

Posted below is the Audio sermon delivered by Bro Sunil Albert for ‘ABC for Teens ‘ Bible class held in April 2010.  The sermon is on the’ Separated life’ that Believrs ought to live on this earth.

Given below is the 1st Audio Sermon, titled: BIBLICAL SEPARATION – In Precept