Israel-Syria seek peace

Syria and Israel has a great opportunity to seek peace and come to a peaceful existence.

Such an opportunity presents itself under shifting political strategies as Syria and Saudi come together to blunt Iran hegemony. Most believe such a “divide and rule” strategy in the Arab World is being brought about by the Americans. This could ideally set up for Israel as they contain Iran with Syria and Rest of the Arab world refusing to help Tehran if Israel decides to use the military option against a nuclear Tehran.

49% of Israelis want the Third Temple Built

We know from the prophecies of in the book of Daniel, 2 Thes and Revelation, that the Third Temple will be certainly built before the coming of the Lord Jesus in his glorious second coming. There may also be the case where the Leviticus form of sacrifices be restored. Ultimately the Anti Christ will commit the abomination of desolation before the Lord comes down in Majesty and strikes down the nations of the earth.
Israel leading newspaper reports that nearly half of Israel seeks the rebuilding of the Third Temple.