Br. Ritchin Sen- Bible Study: GOD’S LOVE- John 3:1-16

Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Ritchin Sen on 21st December, 2012 at Borivali Assembly.

Passage of Reference : John 3:1-16

From John 3:1-16 we see how Jesus patiently explains to Nicodemus from the Old Testament, things that he should have known as a Pharisee i.e. how Jesus was the only way to enter into the Kingdom of God. Jesus teaches that it is not anything that man does that get’s him into heaven but it is God’s work alone in a person’s life that makes him/her have a right standing with God.

Jesus also explains God’s extreme and incomparable love that He would send His only Son to die for a sinful people who are enemies with God. The same love that God showed to we sinners, should be shown not only to saints within the church but also to the lost who do not know Christ.

UNIVERSAL KINGDOM OF GOD -[Kingdom Study Series]

In this 1st sermon in Kingdom Study Series, the message underlines the importance in studying the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God can be said to have two phases
1. Universal Kingdom
2.Mediatorial Kingdom

The main characteristics of the Universal kingdom are as follows
1.Everlasting Kingdom
2.Operation Control through Providence
3.Operation Control through Supernatural means
4.Not dependent on its Subjects
5.Exists in Heaven and Earth without interruption