Br.Phil Coulson- PEACE OFFERING [Sermon]

Br.Phil Coulson in this final sermon to the series of Levitical Offerings speaks powerfully on peace offering. This Offering does not establish peace between God and Man. The other 4 offerings establishes peace. But the offer-er would offer this peace offering, after having experienced the peace and fellowship with God. It is proof of God’s fellowship with Man. Moreover, this offering is not offered apart from the Burnt offering. And hence when the fat of Peace offering is offered alongside the Burnt offering, a fresh flame of Burnt offering arises to God.

The outcome of offering the peace offering, as written in Leviticus 7 is that; the Priest family and the offer-er’s family enjoyed the fellowship with God.


Br. Phil Coulson in continuation to exposition on Levitical Offering, looks at the the offerings for sin in Leviticus 4 and 5. The Sin offering emphasizes on the person who sinned whereas the Trespass offering emphasizes on the deeds of the person. Hence, when God wrought the salvation of man, He first sought to righteously deal with man’s sin and also transform a ‘Sinful Man’ to the ‘Child of God’.

The offerings for sin teaches every child of God, how God through the death of Christ can righteously deal with the penalty of sins and how the death of Christ also provided man with freedom from slavery of sin as a master.

Br. Phil Coulson: MEAL OFFERING [Sermon]

In this 3rd sermon, the continuation of the exposition on Levitical Sacrifices, Bro. Phil Coulson picks up from where he left on the Burnt Offering. The Spirit of God draws our attention to the order maintained in the offering and also to the specific animal parts that find mention in Leviticus 1. Do not miss the connection to John 19 and the description of the death of the Lord Jesus, so beautifully expressed in the Burnt Offering.

Bro. Phil also covers the Meal Offering in this sermon. Learn of the humanity of the Lord Jesus, completely summarized by the four ingredients of the Meal Offering. Notice the perfect earthly life of our dear Saviour chronologically unfolding in the four different preparations of the Meal Offering. Let this lesson, dear saint, fill your heart with thoughts of worship that will overflow and be appreciated by the extended family of Christ in this world.

Br. Phil Coulson: BURNT OFFERING [Sermon]

In this 2nd sermon, the continuation of the exposition on Levitical Sacrifices, Bro. Phil Coulson presents to us the Burnt Offering: the first of the sweet smelling sacrifices to God. Through this message, we learn why the Spirit of God chooses to place sweet smelling sacrifices, which equip us with what we lack, before the non-sweet smelling offerings for sin- which removes all that defiles. Learn of the true meaning of propitiation, and why the new testament never uses terms like atonement and pardon with respect to our salvation. Learn also of the Lord Jesus Christ being our garment of salvation, making us acceptable to the holy gaze of God, much like the Burnt Offering was to the offerer. Let this message draw you, dear saint, to offer higher, richer worship to God which blesses Him for what Christ means to Him and not just for what Christ means to us.

Br Phil Coulson- INTRODUCTION TO LEVITICUS [English-Marathi Sermon]

Br Phil Coulson in this 1st sermon of the ‘Levitical offerings’ sermon series, gives an introduction to the Book of Leviticus. The Book of Leviticus find itself rightly positioned between Exodus and Numbers. Book of Exodus ends with Moses outside the tabernacle, not able to enter in because of the Glory of the Lord. And the book of Numbers starts with Moses in the tabernacle talking with God. Moses could find his way-in only because of the Levitical Offerings instituted.