Br.Sunil Albert- CHRISTIAN AND HIS FUTURE — Sermon

Br.Sunil Albert- CHRISTIAN AND HIS FUTURE — Sermon

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br. Sunil Albert at the ‘ABC For Teens-2012’, on 31st April.

Br.Sunil Albert deals with one of the foundational elements of Christian Life :- Christian and his Future. The 7 Important Aspects of the Future of a Believer are

1.The Resurrection
2.The Rapture
3.The Reception
4.The Review
5.The Rewards
6.The Revelation
7.The Reign

Br. Koshy Mathew- RAPTURE – Malayalam

Posted here is the webinar by Br. Koshy Mathew during the ‘Bible Hour’. For more details about the webinar and its schedule, visit:

Br. Sunil Albert- RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH [Audio Sermon] English- Marathi

Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Sunil Albert at Maharashtra Prophecy Conference.

Rapture is the Imminent Return of Lord Jesus Christ To Take Away the Church. Br Sunil Albert glancing through the various erroneous theories of Rapture, explains how Pre-Tribulation Rapture is most acceptable and true in the light of the Scripture

Br. Phil Coulson, Scotland- ISRAEL AND GREAT TRIBULATION [English-Hindi Sermon ]

Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Phil Coulson at the Maharashtra Prophecy Conference.

Br. Coulson speaks about the change that God intended when He changed Jacob’s name to Israel. It was a transformation of a worm to a prince. But quoting the Scripture from Jeremiah 30, Br. Coulson explains how Jacob’s trouble will be the most painful experience for the nation of Israel. And it will be followed by the millennial reign of Christ, when Israel’s joy will be fulfilled in Him.

Br.Viji Roberts, Canada: THE SOVEREIGN GOD [Isaiah 6] AND SUFFERING SAVIOR [Isaiah 53]

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br. Viji Roberts at Borivali Assembly on 10th Feb,2011. The sermon is part of the series ‘ The Sovereign God and Suffering Savior’.

In Isaiah 6, we see a God high and lifted up, whose train filled the whole temple. A God full of Glory and in awesome majesty, is the center of all worship in Heaven. Before whom, the first words that proceeded out of Isaiah’s mouth were “Woe is me… “. A Sovereign God!!
Isaiah in God’s Presence, beholding God’s Glory and majesty resulted in his

1. Repentance
2. Redemption
3. Response

But in Isaiah 52:13- 53; We see a Suffering Savior. Isaiah 53 is divided in couplets of three verses and it is last of the ‘Servant songs’ which starts from Isaiah 42.

Isaiah 52:13-15: The Success of the Servant
Isaiah 53:1-3 : The Story of the Servant
Isaiah 53:4-6 : The Suffering of the Servant
Isaiah 53:7-9 : The Submission of the Servant
Isaiah 53:10-13: The Sacrifice of the Servant